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Welcome to Alsik Bar

Sink back into one of our comfortable chairs or sofas with a refreshing drink and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and views of Alssund.

Don’t cheat yourself out of a visit to Alsik’s cosy, evocative bar – especially if you, like us, have a predilection for rum! Rum is our speciality, so we have an inviting, well-appointed assortment of this delicious beverage, available in a profusion of varieties – from light, golden and dark types to spicy, overproof and cachaça rum.

Alsik Bar
Rom glas

It is not by chance that our Alsik Bar specialises in rum. Because rum plays a unique, crucial role in the borderlands where Alsik is located. This probably requires an explanation, so travel back in time with us to when the entire region surrounding Flensburg Fjord was once part of the Kingdom of Denmark. This was also true of the city of Flensburg itself, which is only a stone’s throw from Alsik and was once the second-biggest city in Denmark. Some of the most important trade routes to Denmark’s West Indies islands emanated from Flensburg and environs. This lively trade meant that for 150 years, Flensburg was the most important trading centre for rum and sugar not only in Denmark, but throughout Northern Europe.

Its heyday was around 1800 when some 200 rum businesses were based in Flensburg. Trade with the West Indies culminated in 1806 with imports of more that 1,000 tonnes of raw sugar and more than 33,000 litres of unprocessed rum to Flensburg. In return more than one million litres of ready-made rum and distilled spirits were exported from the area.

This is why the massive production of rum has left an enduring mark on the borderlands. This is why you will often find dishes and desserts containing rum on the menus of Alsik’s three restaurants. Because we are inspired by the unique regional South Jutland cuisine, which is among the most authentic and best preserved in Denmark. And of course, this also explains why Alsik Bar specialises in rum. Our historic beginnings explain why we have all sorts of rum on our shelves. This is why our signature drink, “1256”, named after the year in which Sønderborg was founded, is not surprisingly also based on rum. This exquisite, refreshing long drink is a mixture of Mount Gay XO Barbados Rum, Liqueur Au Calvados, Chateau De Brieul – Aperol and Cava.

Your health and safety are our top priority. Based on the latest recommendations by The Danish authorities and to contribute to limiting the spread of the Covid19 virus, the hotel will be closed until April 13, 2020.

We trust in your understanding and hope we will be able to welcome you back to the hotel at a later stage.

Closed due to COVID-19